Termite Control

Termite ControlTermite control is very specialised part of pest control and a minor mistake could cost thousands of dollars. There is NO room for a mistake.

Termites have a unique digestive system,they can eat and digest wood. So if you happen to have timber in your house or if it is built from timber, termites are your concern. This makes Termite control essential for every household in Australia.

Statistics show that In Australia, every house is at a threat of termite attack at some stage of its lifetime, 1 in 3 houses is attacked by termites, as per reports TERMITES CAUSE more than $700 million worth of damage in Australia each year.

Termite treatment of a property can be

Before and During Construction: There are different barrier options available , both chemical and non chemical, to build a house that is less susceptible to termite attack. Such options are

Chemical Approach:

  • Chemical spray before slab is poured and a perimeter spray after the house is finished.
  • Reticulation system combined with penetration collars.
  • Kordon treatment combined with penetration collars.

Non Chemical Approach:

  • Steel mesh or Grantigard combined with penetration collars.

If you are a builder or owner builder , please call us to discuss options for your termite management

Barrier Treatment to prevent entry: The best solution for termite problem is to stop their entry before they enter property and cause any damage. There is a range of products available for this purpose. We only use the most recognised products such as Termidor , Preimise, Altriset etc. depending on the respective case and budget.

Treatment of the active termites: If termite activity is found in the property, a thorough inspection has to be conducted and then a proper method of treatment is decided. Each case could be unique and the treatment is decided accordingly by an expert. Remember only common thing found in termite attack cases is that all cases are unique and different to each other.

Although repellent Termiticides could be cost effective sometimes, but we believe non repellent chemicals action to be better for termite management, however if situation warrants we do use repellents as well

Most termite treatments offered in the market come with a minimum of 3 year warranty and goes upto 10-12 years, then you are also covered with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance (provided you select the right company)

But how good it would be if you are offered a lifetime warranty on termites?

Well at Reliance Property Services Vic , we are offering this too good be true warranty. (Please see the our dedicated warranty section, before you rule it out as a bluff)

Please call us to discuss your situation, requirement and budget to arrive at the treatment you need for your property.