Property Inspection

Sustainability Assessments (Energy Saving)

Property InspectionIn the past couple of centuries and especially last hundred years or so, our planet has seen great changes in how the life is lived by Humans. Unfortunately this life, although advanced and developed, is not sustainable. Resources that were created or generated by mother earth in millions of years have been exploited at a very fast rate by us. And the resources, that have made our life so perfect, developed and advanced, are not going to last for a very long time. Our future generations will not see a lot of coal, oil or natural gas for their energy needs.

The most unfortunate part of this beautiful story of development is that those precious and priceless resources were not and are not used wisely and a great proportion of resources have been wasted due to inefficient technologies and a lack of understanding that these resources are finite and will deplete sometime very soon.

At Pest Control Solutions, we are obsessed about having a sustainable future, we endeavour to leave this world resourceful and healthy for the generations to come.

We can save you as much as 30% or more of your energy bills, by suggesting some minor,low cost modifications and easy to adopt behavioural changes. While making your house more comfortable in winters and summers, we will also help you save money

while Energy Assessments are more focused to reduce energy and water wastage in daily use

With full sustainability assessment

We can help you reduce your carbon footprint

By suggesting how to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and this will also cover the effective use resources and energy efficiency of your house, resulting in saved dollars.

Although the concept of sustainability sounds complex, and it also is. We only carry out simple assessments to check the ways in which the energy consumption could be reduced within the household and easy lifestyle changes you can adopt.

At the end every minor step we take will be counted, so do your bit and if you need help to understand this concept, please call us.

Guaranteed savings: we all win, we as business for fee, you as a householder with savings and the environment with less carbon and less wastage.

Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Here are some facts for you to consider, why you should have a property inspection before you purchase it.

  • Minor and major defects, which go unnoticed when you purchase a new property, could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs?
  • When buying property you must make sure, your investment is safe, termites are a big risk and can damage both new and old houses equally.
  • 1 in 3 houses is attacked by Termites in its lifetime in Australia
  • Average Termite treatment costs $4000-$7000 and repairs could be additional tens of thousands of dollars
  • Your insurance would not cover damage caused by Termites
  • BCA (Building Code of Australia) recommends termite inspection at least once, annually

So if you find termites in property, you are on your own or you can have us on board to cover you, while you concentrate on your financial, family and other obligations

An inspection report can help you bargain a better price and will help ensure the security of your investment.

It is often a good idea to have the inspection done before the auction or before making an offer, and if you have to make an offer make sure it is subject to the inspection and terms are clear and understood by you. If you need, we are always happy to help.

Annual Termite Inspections

Building Code of Australia (BCA) recommends a timber pest inspection of every property at least once a year, or more if it is in high termite activity zone or a pest pressure zone.

You are also mandated in the warranty provided by Manufacturers of the products, installed for termite protection, to have the inspection at least once annually to keep your warranties valid.

We conduct our annual inspections with most advanced tools and instruments, such as FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, Termatrac etc.,leaving no opportunity for a mistake.

If you are sick of being overcharged for annual inspections and bound by the warranties from the other companies, Try Us.

We will provide you with lifetime warranty, guaranteed savings per year and throughout. To make a switch talk to us