Pest Inspections

Pest Inspection Services in Newcastle

Pest inspection and pest control have become a vital part of building inspections. Any responsible building owner will hire a professional to ensure that the property is free from common pests such as termites, roaches, rodents, and more. A building that is pest-free is sure to look good and safe for its new owners or tenants.

Pest Control Solutions recommends pest inspection and pest control services to be done prior to turning over your property to tenants or buyers. A top rated pest control company would first conduct the necessary pest inspection services in Newcastle to come up with a pest control program that would work best to your building’s condition.

Pest inspection services are offered by licensed companies by examining the clients’ premises to detect the presence of pests, identify these household pests, and assess damages.

Why is getting pest inspection services important?

  • To avoid further pest infestation

The main target of pest inspection services is to spot any existing termite colony living in a particular building. Termites, in particular, are naturally sensitive to light and brightness, these pests can be usually found underground or within wood installments where they are kept out of sight. As they are not easily identifiable, the help of pest inspectors is a must.

  • For home buyers to have a basis for price negotiations

If you are thinking of buying a property, a pest inspection service would bring a number of advantages to you. For one, termites, borers, wood decay fungi and mold that can be detected upon the assessment would serve as a basis for negotiations on the value of the property. Termites create their nests under the ground, making it difficult to spot without the use of the appropriate gear, and without the help of professionals. They may be found above the ground too, though, but only when there is an adequately moist environment that will home them.

Damaged woods with relative traces of soil are the primary sign of termites. Borers, on the other hand, infest almost every wood type – they lay their eggs on the cracks in the wood. It can be on floors, furniture, or even cupboards. Mature borers then build deep holes and tunnels in order to feed themselves. So, over time, the structure may come to weaken and may further influence harmful circumstances. The cost for the treatment plan of these pests and their damages can be taken into account when you hire a pest inspection and control company.

  • To save the homeowner or building manager time and money in the long run

A pest inspection can cost you less in the long run. The earlier these pests can be spotted, the better. By doing so, you can also arrange for treatments right away. Unlike those who did not opt for pest inspection services, you can take early measures before the pest damage becomes significantly evident.

Furthermore, the average time consumed in pest inspection only takes at least 60 minutes. The time varies because of several factors like property size and clutter conditions. Imagine spending only 60 minutes for pest inspection, compared to the duration of all repairs and remedies you might possibly encounter for not getting such service in the first place. It will save you not only a lot of money, but also time and effort.

Be a smart homeowner and hire pest inspection services. Detect, assess, and treat early pest workings and damage before it becomes bad enough to handle.


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