Pest Control Myths

Pest control is a must in every household. When the nuisance of pests rises, however, it’s frustrating to see some of the popular methods fail. This includes pest repellents, trap ideas, and the likes. Sometimes, the use of these methods come from false myths about pest control. With the rise of more information sources, it’s important to check myths and contradictory advice.

Why you should not believe in these pest control myths

Here’s a list of myths about pest control that you may have heard, and the truth about them.

Myth # 1: Use bug sprays at dusk.

There’s a common practice, especially in the suburbs, to use anti-mosquito and pest bug sprays after 4 PM, or just before the moon rises. Supposedly, mosquitoes and other pests are only active and feeding at night.

This is a myth! Mosquitoes and other pests don’t choose an exclusive time to bite. Mosquitoes feed on blood. If they have the need to feed, especially when they are reproducing, they will bite you and cause welts.

Use bug sprays and other preventive measures regularly. There’s no standard time to protection.

 Myth # 2: A clean house is pest-free.

Most pest control professional services would recommend keeping your house neat and clean to keep off unwanted pests. You are unlikely to attract many outdoor pests if you don’t leave sources of food open and lying around.

It’s important to remember that a clean house doesn’t make your place 100% pest-proof. According to Ian King Local Pest Control, for example, you can ward away migrating cockroaches by keeping a neat home, but bed bugs can survive and thrive in any place with human habitation.

In fact, some would say that bed bugs spread even more easily in places that are clean. As they are not easily visible when they are young, bed bugs are often overlooked because of a false sense of pest security. Imagine, some well-kept hotels still have to deal with bed bugs.


Myth # 3: You can termite-proof your home with a concrete slab.

“I’ve added a concrete slab to my house, why am I still dealing with termites?” Many homeowners face this problem because of this myth. A concrete slab, and adding concrete and bricks to your house in general, can make it harder for termites to access your wood. However, as long as your house makes use of wooden frameworks, termites will still be attracted.

As termites are incredibly good at tunnelling and finding small cracks, they will be able to find weaknesses in your concrete slab, wood furnishing, and so on. The best solution is still to contact a professional pest control team to tighten your anti-termite defences. 

Myth # 4: Cheese traps and cats are effective.

Cheese traps and cats have risen in popular media (especially in cartoons) as ways to kill off rodents. While it does offer some comedic value, there’s not much evidence to back up this myth.

Rats are often smarter in real life and can recognise a trap. Besides, they are usually more attracted to high sugar foods like cereals. While cats can be enthusiastic at dealing with mice, these smaller rodents can still travel to areas which your cat cannot reach.

If you find yourself inconvenienced by a mice or rodent infestation, your best bet is to leave it with professionals and trusted techniques.

Myth # 5: Bug zappers kill off mosquitoes.

Bug zappers are quite attractive and popular because they seem to be effective. You can actually hear and see insects being trapped and killed against the bug zapper.

However, you have to be cautious regarding their overall effect.

Bug zappers may not be killing the insects you were aiming for. Most of the insects caught by bug zappers are actually harmless, like moths, and not the mosquitoes you wanted to keep away. 

Mosquitoes tend not to be attracted to the bright light offered bug zappers.

Opt instead for more targeted means of controlling mosquitoes. As Ian King Local Pest Control suggests, “not all pest control methods are equal”. Consult with professionals to find the treatment method that’s most suitable for your needs.

Myth # 6: No visible pests = no problem.

“Out of sight, out of mind” should not be an attitude you have when it comes to pest management. Just because you don’t see an insect doesn’t mean that a pest problem does not exist. It may just be developing out of your visible sight. According to Ian King Pest Control, most pests breed in silence.

Ants, for example, can become a big problem if left unmonitored. You may see one or two ants at a time, and neglect to treat them because they seem too few. But a single ant actually leaves a chemical trail for other ants to follow once they locate a food source. This means that an ant colony could be developing, even if you see only one ant.

Later on, this problem can escalate, especially if you are dealing with ants that can sting or damage the wood.

Don’t wait for visible signs of infestation before investing in pest control and management. Try having regular inspections for your house instead. This way, you can catch any problem and treat it at an early and less damaging phase. In any case, the best and most effective solution is always when you consult with a professional pest control team like Ian King Pest Control.